Support during the application

Our goal is not to fill a classroom, but to ensure that the training will be of real use to you. For this reason, we carefully consider your career goals as described in your cover letter and the contributions our modules will make to achieving those goals. In addition to completing our understanding of your professional objectives, an interview allows you to learn more about the program and to ensure that it is suitable for you.

Support during the welcome

INSA Toulouse is a member of the University of Toulouse, which offers an online tool (the "Toulbox") allowing you to book accommodation, open a bank account, take out home insurance, obtain a public transport card, get a French SIM card for your telephone, etc. A welcome at the airport and French courses are also available. All these services are very helpful in preparing your arrival in Toulouse.

Support during the training

The limited number of participants allows us to get to know you. All activities (courses, case studies, projects, etc.) are conducted fully in English, which facilitates exchanges, regardless of your country of origin. We actively help you in your search for an internship. We share received internship offers, assist in writing CVs and cover letters, conduct interview simulations, etc.

Even if learning French is not mandatory, we offer free courses because we consider that knowledge of the French language is an opportunity (and a plus for some internships).

"Like an international student who was not familiar with the “French CV/cover letter format”, I received the help for applying to companies and I obtained an internship in my area of specialization. Now, thanks to the training, I work for a transnational oil and gas company."

From Bolivia, Working in France

"The Advanced Master’s program alumni is a very well established network supporting their members in pursuing their potential in France as well as in Europe."

From North Macedonia, Working in Germany

"Stress comes, most times, from not knowing what to do or how to do it. But an integration of ideas from industry experts at SEAM and an opportunity for continued interaction with them after the program has kept me flying higher."

From Nigeria, Working in Oman