Development of online resources

We are currently developing on-line resources (videos, textbooks, quizzes, surveys…) of the Advanced Master Safety Engineering and Management.

The development of the online courses is financed by the University of Toulouse and is supported by InnovENT-e and several companies.

Combining online resources with human expertise

Videos, textbooks and selected documents are made available to students online to free up more contact time with lecturers and to develop case studies.


Specific videos have been developed to give an overview of the course content or to prepare case studies. Some of them are available on our Youtube channel. Many other videos, textbooks, quiz… are private.

The three following videos are respectively from the first (“Qualitative Approach to Safety”), the second (“Quantitative Approach to Safety”) and fourth (“Process Safety”) modules.

Hundreds of other videos are only available to our students.


Specific publications of “Lecture Notes in Safety Science” are available to enable students to review lectures and topics in more depth.

These publications include

…Selected documents…

In addition to the videos and the textbooks, carefully chosen documents (videos and texts) are provided. These significantly broaden students’ background knowledge of the industry.

…and Human skills.

As well as enabling speedy access to information, interaction with industrial experts via case studies pertaining to various sectors (aeronautics and space, oil and gas, chemistry, process…) transforms knowledge into skills.

For instance, the following video was developed by one of our partners, DNVGL: