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Acceptance to this course requires

  • a Master’s degree, or
  • a 4-year Bachelor’s degree plus at least 3 years of professional experience.

This one-year course is fully taught in English.


We are now taking applications for the October 2019 intake.

  • Fill out the application form: Word file or PDF file

  • Send the completed application form with the required documents to and

  • You will hear back from us within two weeks as to whether you are eligible to apply.

  • If you are eligible, you will be called on for an interview.

  • You will hear back from us within two weeks of the interview about admission decision.

Application form

Fields to be filled out are: Surname/Family name; First name; Birth date [DD/MM/YYYY]; City of birth; State of birth; Nationality; Phone number (for interview purposes) including country code; Last qualification (Bachelor / Masters); Field of study; Year of your graduation; University; Number of years of professional experience [*]; Name of the last company company you worked for [*].

[*] means optional.

Please take great care in filling out this information as it must mirror your official documents (passport, diploma‚Ķ).

Files are to be attached in PDF format (size < 5 Mo each):

  • Copy of the last diploma

  • Transcript of the last diploma or a document describing the lectures of the 2 previous years

  • CV

  • Cover letter

  • Recommendation or any documents useful to help us make our decisions [*]


Tam-Miete, graduate in 2015, Nigeria, HSE studies for new facilities and modifications, Nigeria:

  With over 6 years experience in the HSE Division of the regulatory agency 
  for the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and as a Total International Scholar, 
  I can say that the masters program in Safety Engineering and Management, 
  is adapted to both prospective fresh graduates 
  as well as those with professional experience.
  The course content and academic projects provide skill sets in Safety Sciences, 
  Engineering and Management in managing systems across multi industrial domains 
  like the chemical process, oil and gas, nuclear, energy, biotech, and virtual systems, etc.